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Welcome About Us Marble

For over a decade, Companion Services Group has been bringing our unique brand of experience and innovation to the world of architectural maintenance and restoration. If a technique for maintaining your building's professional appearance does not exist, we create one. That is how we have grown from our beginnings as metal and stone specialists to providing such services as graffiti removal, glass restoration, a variety of restroom services, and skateboarding deterrents.

The knowledge and skills of a professional, thoroughly familiar with the properties and the processes of maintenance and restoration, are required to successfully enhance and sustain your building's architectural elements. Everyone at Companion Services Group is a specialist, matching our expertise in the fields of services we provide only with providing you the highest level of craftsmanship and service performance.

Let us help you create an environment inviting to current and prospective tenants by designing a maintenance program for the architectural elements of your building. We will enhance its beauty and “street appeal” while being easy on your budget. Experience the true quality and honest value that a real professional can bring to your building.