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Aluminum Bronze Steel


Aluminum, today’s most frequently selected architectural metal, is often manufactured with an anodize finish that seals the substrate alloy and forms a hard, weather resistant layer of aluminum-oxide. While the anodize process improves aluminum’s resistance to corrosion, from weather-borne pollutants, acidic or alkali cleaning agents and ice melting products will cause permanent damage to the anodize finish.

Alum 01
Alum 02
Aluminum door and window frames before restoration (top) and after,
showing the original color.

Aluminum is also available with a factory applied fluropolymer paint finish in variety of very pleasing colors. Although durable, these finishes are susceptible to scratching and wear, and to ultraviolet fading and chalking. Companion Services Group, Inc. has been carefully selected and designated by PPG Industries as an Approved Maintenance Applicator for their Duranar fluropolymer architectural finish.