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Damaged Marble Countertops

Restroom 02 Restroom 01
Before (left) and after (right).

After almost 20 years of use, the marble countertops in both the men’s and woman’s rooms of a Philadelphia office building had begun to disintegrate around the water faucets and soap dispensers.  In some instances, water had so thoroughly saturated the marble that the iron reinforcing rods supporting the countertops from below had expanded as they corroded, pushing the stone away, causing it to spall and crack.  The replacement of the countertops in with similar quality was cost-prohibitive and very disruptive to normal tenant operations. 

Companion Services Group was contacted by building management to discuss possible solutions.  After an inspection, we recommended repairing the damage using a combination of marble epoxy tinted to match the various colors and salvageable pieces from the countertop. The faucets were removed and the stone was allowed to thoroughly dry and, using the initial application of epoxy as an adhesive, pieces of marble were re-attached and the epoxy was allowed to cure.  The hardened matrix was honed smooth and additional tinted epoxy was applied to infill missing marble.  The countertop was then honed and polished to the original finish. 

Companion Services Group also applied its protective film, Surface Shield, to prevent further moisture and soap damage to the marble, enhance and protect the polished surface, and make day-to-day cleaning of the stone easier. Companion Services Group has applied Surface Shield to protect over 100 stone countertops and table tops.

At Companion Services Group we are specialists, matching our expertise in metal and stone refinishing and maintenance only with our interest in providing you the highest level of craftsmanship and service  performance. Let us help you create an environment inviting to current and prospective tenants by designing a maintenance program for the architectural elements of your building that will enhance its beauty and “street appeal” while being easy on your budget.