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Aluminum Bronze Steel

Stainless Steel

The most important property of this metal, as its name suggests, is its resistance to oxidization and corrosion, however, its cost tends to limit the use of stainless steel to high traffic and wear areas, such as entrance doors and elevator interiors. It is generally found in two types of finishes; brushed or satin finish, where the steel has a uniform parallel grain, and mirror finish, where the metal is polished to a mirror-like reflectance. Although not generally susceptible to deep corrosion, stainless steel is most often refinished to remove deep-seated dirt and grime, scratches and graffiti, and damage caused by inappropriate cleaning methods of the steel or of surrounding surfaces.

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Companion Services Group, Inc. is raising the bar in the care and service of architectural stainless steel. We have perfected the craft of scratch and graffiti removal and, combining it with the application of sophisticated polymers, can offer our service customers five-year warrantees against further damage to the metal surface. This is just one example of the many “firsts” we are offering our clients.

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