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Natural Stone

The characteristics that make the use of natural stone attractive to both architect and owner also make the refinishing and maintenance of stone as task not left to amateurs using pre-packaged chemical treatments. Understanding the blend of the different minerals that comprise natural stone is the most important factor in the successful restoration of stone’s intended appearance.

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Companion Services Group, Inc. Has perfected the craft of refinishing and maintaining natural stone surfaces, both walls and especially floors, revealing the true color, clarity and beauty inherent within the stone. Discover why building owners, managers and tenants alike rely on our craftsmen to maintain the beauty of their stone surfaces.

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Marble and Terrazzo

Marble is a cultural symbol of refined taste. With its varied and colorful patterns, it was the favorite medium for the Greek and Roman sculptors and architects. In today's world, its durability and the variety of applicable uses make it an excellent medium in building decoration. Well-maintained marble can make a building stand out, whether that marble is on the floors, the walls, or in elevator cabs. It is important to know how to treat each individual type of marble to bring out its natural beauty and shine.

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Marble Floor



Granite is an incredibly hard material that has widely been used in construction for centuries, but that has roots back as far as the ancient Egyptians. More durable than marble, granite is often used for floors, monuments, counter-tops and even curling stones. While granite is more resistant to staining than marble, and holds its polish better, it still does need to be polished. Most granites can be polished in the field, whether on floors or walls.

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Granite counters of the First Union Bank in the process of being cleaned and restored.

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